HDinHD Updates and Enhancements

HDinHD Updates and Enhancements
  • Striatum Disease Signature section added to Downloads.  A 266 striatal gene disease signature and a 115 striatal protein disease signature were developed and validated in external datasets.  A manuscript describing the analysis, signatures and supplements containing all analytical results are available for download.
  • Allelic Series Data section updated within Downloads, reflecting a refined analysis of allelic series data RNA and Proteimn data.
  • Downloads tab is now a pull-down menu, allowing direct access to a particular Downloads section.
  • New landing page for BioGemix has been introduced.  BioGemix Suite offers access to (i) a browsable knowledge-base that integrates information obtained from HD model mice and other models using precision machine-learning, organized by gene products, with links to individual tools and databases, and (ii) Biogemix-3D, a 3D-visualisation of dimensional RNA-seq data in brain structures of HD model mice.  Credits: Neri lab (Sorbonne Université and INSERM).
  • The Adult Astrocyte RNAseq Explorer has been added to the Tools page.  This web portal allows gene-specific queries across multiple Astrocyte gene expression profiling datasets generated from a variety of brain regions from both normal and HD model mice.  Credits: Khakh lab (UCLA) .
  • An enhanced literature RSS feed on the Home page now aggregates feeds from PubMed, bioRxiv and medRxiv.