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HDinHD: Open Source Science for the HD Research Community

The goal of HDinHD is to foster and support a collaborative community united in its drive to accelerate the development of therapeutics that will delay the onset and/or ameliorate the effects of Huntington’s disease.  HDinHD seeks to achieve this through:

  • Sharing HD-related primary scientific data
  • Sharing analyses and computational models built from HD-related scientific data
  • Providing browsing and data interrogation tools over both primary and analyzed data that facilitate data exploration and hypothesis generation
  • Building a forum for HD researchers to highlight their data, tools, know-how and insight to the community

The HDinHD website is currently a joint development effort by CHDI and UCLA, through the laboratory of Dr. Giovanni Coppola.  As you will see when you Register for access, HDinHD highlights data and tools provided by the broader community.  If you are interested in Contributing Data to HDinHD, suggest links to other HD-related scientific data or websites, or would otherwise like to provide Feedback to us, we encourage you to do so.  HDinHD is for the community; please help us tailor and grow HDinHD in a direction that can make a difference to your research, and ultimately, to improve the lives of HD families.

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Watch a detailed video overview of HDinHD presented at the 16th Annual HD Therapeutics Conference (April 2021). The video outlines data resources and tools within HDinHD and provides a detailed demonstration of the new HD Explorer tool.

Read the following publication introducing HDinHD: HDinHD: A Rich Data Portal for Huntington’s Disease Research, J Huntingtons Dis., 10, 405-412

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