REPAIR – Explore Gene Expression Data

REPAIR – Explore Gene Expression Data

REPAIR is a tool that lets you explore gene expression data. We have compiled, reanalyzed, and curated the most comprehensive list of gene expression studies related to HD, and created a web-based database for data access, mining, and analysis. REPAIR contains microarray- and RNA-sequencing-based gene expression studies of HD patient biosamples and animal and cell models of HD.

Users can either search the database for a particular gene of interest and check its expression across a number of experimental conditions, or set statistical thresholds and obtain lists of differentially-expressed transcripts, which can then be compared across datasets and annotated. The raw data is also available for download and ad-hoc analysis.

REPAIR provides a platform focused on gene expression in HD and HD models. Do you have a dataset you would like to include? Let us know.

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