HINT – HTT Protein-Protein Interactions

HINT – HTT Protein-Protein Interactions

Systematic protein–protein interaction detection methods have suggested a wide range of putative functions for the huntingtin (HTT) protein over the past decade, including trafficking & transport, actin dynamics, autophagy and chaperoning. Still, there is no consensus on the precise biological activity (or activities) modulated by HTT. To provide a clearer picture of these molecular mechanisms attributed to HTT, data has been curated and analyzed from over 100 published studies of HTT interactions detected using various methods (antibody pull-down, yeast two hybrid, etc.) as well as from leading protein-protein interaction databases (BIOGRID, IntAct, HPRD etc.).

The web accessible, first-of-its-kind database of HTT interactions (HINT) is now available here, providing a means towards further advancing our understanding of HTT network biology. Through this database you can view an integrated and standardized representation of all HTT interactions available across a variety of databases and articles. By relying on industry-standard ontologies such as Entrez, HUGO, Gene Ontology (GO) and the Proteomics Standards Initiative (PsiMi), this database semantically integrates cross-platform interaction information. Furthermore, through its integration with GO and pathway databases such as Kegg, Reactome, Wikipathways, Biocarta, Humancyc, PharmGKB, SMPdb, PDB and Netpath, this database also serves as a novel resource for the HD research community to perform gene enrichment analyses, ontology classification and visualization using HTT interactors.

As the first comprehensive compendium of HTT interactors, this database will guide experimental and computational scientists to the biology most proximal to HTT.  Additionally, HINT can help identify pharmacological targets within the HTT interaction network, as well as help generate hypotheses relevant to new pharmacodynamic and clinical biomarkers for a target of interest.

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